September 21, 2023

In partnership – Cofiniti and CCH Tagetik

In this blog we will:

  • Introduce our partnership with CCH Tagetik.
  • Explain what CCH Tagetik is.
  • Display common challenges finance functions experience that CCH Tagetik and Cofiniti can solve.
  • Provide an overview of some key benefits of CCH Tagetik.

Cofiniti and CCH Tagetik

We are pleased to introduce our partnership with CCH Tagetik. Cofiniti and CCH Tagetik will collaborate to combine best-in-class technology with consulting and implementation expertise to transform finance functions, empowering finance with the tools to be effective in aiding organisational strategic decision-making and performance management.

What is CCH Tagetik?

CCH Tagetik is a leading enterprise performance management (EPM) software solution that provides a strategic and financial intelligence platform for the Office of Finance to streamline and automate various financial processes. Fig 1 below shows the end-to-end capabilities of the solution.

Fig 1

Finance Transformation Platform CCH Tagetik & Cofiniti

Common challenges

Due to an ever-changing business environment and regulatory landscape, the finance function faces increased demands to assist the business with developing a competitive advantage through analysis and decision-making as well as ensuring regulatory compliance.

To meet these requirements, the finance function needs a solution to overcome certain challenges, we help finance teams address these challenges, common ones we can all relate to are:

"We have too many Excel spreadsheets for different processes".
"Our reports are slow, complex and dated, we cannot maintain them in-house".
"Our numbers keep changing, we cannot rely on our reports".
"We don’t have time to analyse and look forward".
"Our systems don’t talk to each other".
"We have lots of data but we are not using data effectively".
"We have too many manual processes".


Some key benefits of CCH Tagetik are:

  • Purpose-built to be finance-owned, reducing reliance on IT teams. CCH Tagetik empowers finance teams and leads to efficiency gains across the business.
  • CCH Tagetik provides a single version of the truth harnessing data from all data sources, unlocking greater data insights to enhance decision-making.
  • CCH Tagetik unifies and automates disparate processes to create a single platform for finance teams, leading to increased operational efficiencies and overall performance

Find out more

Above are just some of the benefits of CCH Tagetik. Get in touch to understand more about how CCH Tagetik can specifically improve your finance function.

At Cofiniti, we learn about your challenges and understand your systems, processes, data, people, culture and strategic objectives before recommending a solution and displaying how this can work for you.

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