Reporting & Dashboarding

We can help to unleash the value in your data by providing a single version of the truth. We can unify multiple sources of data to bring your data to life and enable performance management.


Benefits of automated Reporting
and Dashboarding

Gain actionable insights
  • Drill down in any report to row-level detail for increased analysis.
  • Bring data to life through visualisations.
  • Update reports to get real-time data instantly.
Have confidence in your data
  • In-built and easily configurable validations to ensure data integrity and strong controls; reducing time spent on checking data, allowing for increased analysis.
  • Standardise data with a powerful data extraction, transformation and load mechanism.
Enable faster reporting
  • Flexible drag and drop web-based reporting to quickly retrieve data for increased analysis.
  • Self-service reporting.
  • Automate the delivery of reports to executives and the wider business.
Realise reporting consistency
  • Create templates promoting a consistent reporting style across the business.
  • Report from a single source of truth, bringing together financial and non-financial data from multiple data sources to achieve consistent reporting.
  • Combine narrative with numbers through dynamic Microsoft Office integration.
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