Financial Close and Consolidation

We can help to automate your consolidation process for both management and statutory consolidation reporting.

This provides your finance team with the time and tools to deliver value-added insights and ease your regulatory reporting.


Benefits of an Automated

Accelerate your consolidation cycle
  • Automatic Transaction Matching and Account Reconciliation solutions to reduce time spent investigating discrepancies, freeing up time to work on value-added tasks.
  • Automated multi-currency conversion and consolidate at any level, satisfying group reporting and sub-consolidation requirements for all stakeholders.
Gain full visibility of your process
  • Monitor your end-to-end process with real-time oversight of each entity’s status in your close process.
  • Gain insights on the efficiency of your close process with a performance dashboard showing key metrics, helping you identify bottlenecks to further improve the process.
Have confidence in your data
  • In-built and easily configurable validations to ensure data integrity and strong controls, reducing time spent on checking data, allowing for increased analysis.
  • Report from a single source of truth, bringing together data from multiple data sources to achieve consistent reporting.
  • Automate your consolidation eliminations, providing confidence in group reports.
Become finance-owned
  • Easy to maintain with an intuitive interface, enabling self-sustenance.
  • Future-ready solution to leverage as your business grows.
  • Customisable workflow to illustrate the sequence of tasks to be completed for an intuitive user experience.
Enable faster reporting
  • Combine narrative with figures through dynamic Microsoft Office integration, enabling automatic preparation of board packs and annual reports.
  • Flexible drag and drop web-based reporting to quickly retrieve data for increased analysis.
  • Automate the delivery of reports to executives and the wider business.
Simplify internal & external audits
  • Comply with IFRS, GAAP, SOX and other regulatory bodies.
  • Provide audit evidence with ease.
  • Full audit logs ensuring data and process transparency.
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